NES artist residency Iceland, Skagastrond Nov-Dec 30th

Leydon Gallery, ‘Platform for Emerging Artists 22’- London

FaveLabs, Evangeline Baldwin ‘In-between’ Solo Exhibition- Athens, Greece


About me: Artist CV


Falmouth, BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2015-2018

Volunteer Curator at ‘The Poly’ Gallery, Falmouth 2018


May 2019

Leydon Gallery, ‘Platform for Emerging Artists 22’- London

April 2019

FaveLabs, ‘In-between’ Solo Exhibition- Athens, Greece


NES Artist Exhibition- Skagastrond, Iceland


BA Fine Art Degree show- Falmouth University


BA Fine Art Second Year Show- The Poly


NES artist residency in Iceland, Skagastrond Nov-Dec 30th 

 I am interested in the language we use: how we label objects, how we categorise and label things, and how that impacts perceptions of objects in the art world. Simon Critchley writes of Maurice Blanchot, ‘Language is murder. Language as conceptuality, is the murder of things by making them approximate to us’. When we name something, we attach it a meaning, purpose and function that is relevant to us - therefore disallowing the said object to just ‘be’.

I look into the object’s abstraction, attempting to disassociate it from its 'objecthood', by repurposing forms and utilising simple incongruities, altering scale, context, and/or colour, resulting in a virtually unrecognisable form. Thus making its purpose and function as the before object unidentifiable. The object is therefore, free. Within the mediums I use I aim at looking at the possibility of communicating an 'in-between' stage of categorisation found in language. I use different objects and materials and intertwine them into my painting - creating a space ‘in-between’ painting and sculpture. I create objects, either through hand wood-carving, hand knitting or sewing and attach them outside of the canvas space. My aim is to create a body of work that is intrinsically linked but aesthetically explores individuality in form.


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