About Me


Fine Artist- Painter, recently graduated from Falmouth University 2018

Accepted into Nes artist residency- iceland, skagastrond. Starting nov-dec 2018


My work looks at the possibility of communicating the 'in-between' stages of categorisation, between human and nature, man-made and nature-made; and the shapes, forms and colours comprised therein. 
My paintings explore how objects, even natural object forms, and lifeforms interact. Looking outside of the theme of 'objects', and instead look at how they affect our reality and how we affect theirs.
It is my intention to treat objects as having their own entity and being, with their own history, individuality, purpose and form. I look into their abstraction, attempting to disassociate the object from its 'objecthood', by repurposing forms and utilising simple incongruities, altering scale, context, and/or colour, resulting in a  virtually unrecognisable form. Thus making their purpose and function as the before object unidentifiable.


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